Terms And Conditions

ICI Homes and its affiliate Broker/Agent Participation Program Terms and Conditions:

1 Any Broker and/or Agent may participate if he or she has an active Florida real estate license at the time of registration of the prospect and at the time commission is due (except Agents of ICI Select Realty, Inc.)
2 Registration: Broker/Agent must accompany/register the prospect at the initial contact in order to duly register the prospect and be protected in the event of a future sale. Initial contact includes, but is not limited to, an ICI virtual appointment, personal communication with the ICI online sales center or direct communication with an ICI onsite sales associate.
3 Pre-Registration: The following pre-registration steps are required when exceptions are to be considered for appointments made by the Broker/Agent where the prospect is unaccompanied by an Agent: a) In the event that Broker/Agent cannot accompany the prospect on the initial visit, he/she may pre-register the prospect by phone on or before the same day as the initial visit or by coming to the sales office in person on or before the same day of the initial visit. b) The phone pre-registration or in-person pre-registration must include the prospect’s name, phone number, date and time of initial visit. Honoring the validity of Pre-Registration will be at the complete and sole discretion of ICI Homes.
4 Broker and/or Agent is protected by this “registration” for a period of 90 days from the date of registration.
5 Registration assures that Broker/Company will receive a 3% commission on initial contract price (net after discounts or promotions, and excluding pool, water features and design center options) if prospect purchases a home from the on-site sales staff any time during the 90 day period.
6 If this registration results in a sale, it shall entitle the Broker and/or Agent to the commission as the procuring cause without cooperation or other fees to any other Broker. This registration shall supersede any previous Broker/Agent registration with the same prospect.
7 ICI Homes will pay all commission due to the brokerage firm whose name appears on this registration & subsequent contract. In the event an Agent terminates his/her employment with their Broker, the Agent will look solely to their Broker for payment.
8 Broker and/or Agent agrees to indemnify and hold ICI Homes harmless from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, costs, and expenses of whatever nature or kind, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs relating to or arising out ofany claim against ICI Homes as a result of representation or other conduct by Broker and/or the Agent.
9 Broker and/or Agent acknowledge that the registration forms, sign-up sheets, advertising collateral or other incentive to prospective or actual customers are the trade secrets of ICI Homes.
10 All qualified commission payments will be made to the registered Broker provided the following requirements are met: full execution of a purchase and sale agreement, minimum company deposit requirements have been met, all required deposits per the terms of the contract have been paid by the buyer, satisfaction of any contractual contingencies (including the financing contingency) that would prevent the start of construction, and receipt by ICI Homes of a building permit. Payment will be made within 21 working days of slab pour. If slab has been poured at the time contract is written, commission will be paid at closing.
11 Oral representations cannot be relied upon and this agreement sets forth the entire agreement between ICI Homes and Broker and/or Agent and shall not be altered, modified, or amended unless set forth in writing and signed by all parties.
12 Any disputes or misunderstandings that arise will be settled at the complete and sole discretion of ICI Homes.
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